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JMCC/NHS Confederation Liaison Group

The formation of the Group arose from a meeting between the JMCC and the NHS Confederation as a result of the latter’s Medicine and Management initiative. The JMCC had been addressed by Mr Alastair Henderson Director of the Employers Organisation in January 2004, who had reported that the NHS Confederation was keen to bring clinicians and managers together in order to develop new ways of working and foster more effective relationships.  It was agreed at the January 2004 meeting that the JMCC would continue to work with the NHS Confederation and would explore the possibility of establishing a forum for clinicians’ and managers’ representatives to meet to address some of these concerns. The present group was a direct consequence of this undertaking.

It was reported to the first meeting of the group on 17 November 2004 that its raison d’etre would be to identify issues where collegiate working would add value. When a common-purpose was found or shared agendas discovered the group should act to pool the resources and lobbying power of its respective bodies in order to achieve a common aim.

The Group has a rotating membership dependent upon the issues on the agenda of the meetings. It is normal for the Chairman and Deputy Chairmen of the JMCC to attend on behalf of the JMCC and the Chief Executive and Policy Director of the NHS Confederation and the Director and Deputy Director of NHS Employers on behalf of the Confederation. The meetings are conducted under the Chatham House rule.


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